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esea contemporary × Trajan Jia 賈川 Limited Edition: 'Dragon Pavilion' 《龍之館》Tea Towel

esea contemporary × Trajan Jia 賈川 Limited Edition: 'Dragon Pavilion' 《龍之館》Tea Towel

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esea contemporary × Trajan Jia 賈川

Year of the Wood Dragon

Limited Edition: ‘Dragon Pavilion’ 《龍之館》, 2024

A Lunar New Year commission 'Dragon Pavilion,’ by London-based artist and illustrator Trajan Jia, features a dragon moving through esea contemporary.

Made with pride in the UK, our full-colour print tea towel measures 48 x 75 cm, infusing your kitchen with a vibrant pop of colour and style.

Available in three stunning hues: green, red, or yellow, each tea towel is designed to elevate your culinary space while offering practical functionality.


Artist Statement:

There were originally no dragons in the world; one could say that the dragon is merely a concept. If such a dragon were to exist in reality, how should we present and introduce it to the public?

In some sense, an exhibition hall is a place where conceptual entities are visualised and narrated to the public. Therefore, we have conceived of a 'Dragon Pavilion' where esea contemporary’s exhibition spaces and architectural features are reimagined and deconstructed.

The illustration presents the exhibition rooms as both separate and interconnected, with glimpses of installations, or projections; the body of the dragon; and the audience experiencing the exhibition. Viewing it, our perspective is continuously transformed with changes in angles, time, and lighting effects. 


A Chinese artist and illustrator now based in London, Trajan Jia’s work is known for its richness of colour and intricate detail. Skilled in applying various design styles, whether geometrically simple or complex, he adds a unique, engaging and whimsical touch to all his pieces.

Immersed in two different cultural backgrounds, Jia buries aesthetic secrets within the detail of each painting. These hidden touches reveal the hand of the illustrator, and the meaning behind the creation.

Passionate about developing eastern aesthetics within modern brands and commercial spaces, Jia has worked with clients including Estee Lauder, Bvlgari, and Starbucks.

Each limited edition purchase helps support our artistic programme.

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